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Covid-19 situation

  • Himalayan Spicy LLC
  • 2021-04-18 23:11:58

Himalayan Spicy LLC is now delivery and to-go only until further notice. Curbside Pickup Offered
To all of our amazing and constant Himalayan Spicy LLC customers.

As an area business, we've a responsibility to assist limit the spread of COVID-19 in our neighborhood. After implementing many new protocols, it's become clear that the sole due to truly support social distancing and flattening this curve is to remain open for delivery and to-go orders only. the earlier we take action, the earlier we'll overcome this together.

How we are keeping ourself and our customers safe in these hard situations ?
In these surreal times, we believe that this instance could even be a chance for us to leverage and deepen relationships with our loyal customers. Our loyal customers are people who will carry our business through the uncertain times ahead, which they go to assist us return to normal when the world emerges again.

No one knows how long this instance will last. Some hope that warm weather will slow the virus’ spread and let health officials get a hold of the situation; others are preparing for a really bleak few months. the sole thing we all know is that it’s getting to worsen before it gets better.

Combating coronavirus is to form our restaurant as clean as possible. By following health department guidelines, these are few way we try keep us healthy and our customers healthy.

-Allowing only healthy teammates continue daly work

-Don’t require a doctor’s note for workers Who call in sick

-Feeling sick employees to remain home without fear about they ante up to 2 weeks.

-Providing antibacterial gloves for our team.

-Monitoring most are washing frequently with soap and warm water. Keeping prep area as clean as possible.

-Frequently cleaning all surface customers touch, like light switches and doors.

-Offer the guest sanitizer or another disinfectant while within the restaurant.

-Going temporarily cashless.

-Take every initiative we'll to stay our restaurant disinfected.

Protecting our employees and making our customers feel safe remains our favourite priority.

Thank you!

— Himalayan Spicy LLC